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Portugal Photos

First night in Cascais, Portugal - jetlagged is the look, Steak Portugese is the dish

Cascais marina

Hello Kitty time/temperature sign, sponsored by the Casino Estoril

Thought I'd better get some photos of Portugal up here, before someone accuses me of not really going! My engineer boyfriend LOVES taking photos of me looking jetlagged (and I always take photos of him using his computer in the airport, on the plane or on the various buses we take when we travel!); here's one for you. I don't think it looks too horrible so I'm willing to put it up! Then the marina in Cascais, and just goes to show you, Hello Kitty is everywhere! Actually there's a lot of Japanese influence in Portugal and vice versa, considering Portugal visited Japan in the 14th century.


SummersStudio said…
Sue, you look lovely. Not jet lagged at all. How was the food? Personally, I wasn't all that crazy about Portuguese food. But the country is beautiful and people quite sweet.
SueBeads said…
Oh Le Ann, you are too kind! My eyes look like that because I could barely keep them open anymore! I personally did not enjoy the food, either, but I did have duck the second night there at the Casino Estoril (apparently a really big deal casino) and believe that I may have a gall bladder problem that made me feel ill for just about the whole rest of the trip. The people were wonderful, and very solicitous and patient!!!!
Anonymous said…
You look fine!
I hope you post more photos, I'd love to see the rest.
Silver Parrot said…
Jet lag is a small price to pay! Looks like wonderful scenery and I'm so jealous. Sorry to hear about the possible gall bladder issue - I had my own nightmare with that and now that mine is gone (had surgery in 2003) I never miss it!
I'm Julia said…
The Hello Kitty's a little quirky, but what a pretty marina :-) Feel better soon.
sharon said…
You look lovely Sue and I am TOTALLY jealous! Glad you had a good time!
stregata said…
Nice teaser! Will you be posting more pictures? I would love to see some. Sorry to hear you have a gall bladder problem.

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