Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turquoise Silver Stripe

Turquoise Silver Stripe large hole beads

I love these large hole beads (5mm). They are fun to make - I like making them freeform, meaning they are not "perfect"ly round beads, they are shaped the way they wanted to be! These are striking, because they are etched. They can be found in my etsy store today, along with the new key bead!


Anonymous said...

they beautiful!

LisaBabe said...

These beads are gorgeous.

I arrived at your blog after I googled the bead shop in Linlithgow and saw your photo of the palace. I'm lucky enough to live 10 miles away from there :D:D.

I'd be interested in hearing how you learned to do lampwork. I'm hoping to go to a beginners session in a local glass works next month.


SueBeads said...

Thanks Marbella!

Hi Lisa - thanks for stopping by! I love Scotland - I will move there someday! That's cool that you saw my photo of Linlithgow Palace! Did it come up in a google search?

I took a short workshop at the Pittsburgh Glass Center and got hooked, that's how I started this obsession!

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