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Wellness Words Blog Hop

Tracy Statler, over at Make Bracelets, is hosting a Wellness Words Blog Hop today!  We were supposed to take a word that meant something to us and make a piece of jewelry that interpreted that word.  My word was health.  However, that's pretty generic, so my real word is more like thyroid-health.  I had thyroid cancer about 9 years ago. I had surgery and radiation and I am fine now.  Yes, there are side-effects to both the surgery and radiation, but I want to concentrate on figuring out how to feel better at this point.  I haven't been treating myself very well, and this year I am going to change that!

I concentrated on two parts of that - the chakra, for one, and in particular, the blue chakra for the throat and ability to express truth through the spoken word.  I feel deeply that my habit of holding in feelings contributed to my getting cancer in this area.  Please see Three Hearts Company - they give you a really good overview of the chakra and meanings.

The first bracelet I made with my own lampwork beads and it has all the colors of the chakra.  I really liked this idea, and think I'll be making more of these!

The second bracelet I made concentrated on the throat chakra - turquoise is supposed to be healing and helpful to the immune system.  It has great positive energy and brings peace and truth.  I love turquoise, and made myself this expensive little bracelet with teardrop and tube beads, and freshwater pearls.

Please stop by these blogs to see what everyone else made!  And thank you Tracy for hosting!   YOU ARE HERE!


Your bracelets are beautiful!

I wish you the best regarding your new focus on your health. Taking care of everyone but ourselves seems to be the bane of women's existence.
Tanya said…
Both of those are gorgeous. Ireally love that first one. The beads are stunning and I love all the colors. Definitely make more. :)
Anonymous said…
I love the beautiful shakra bracelets you created with your beads. I need to learn more about the shakra. I've been so out of touch with keeping up with the blogs and not sure if the cancer is recent or years ago? Either way, I hope you are healthy and happy and hope to see you sometime in the future very soon.
I am so sorry to read about your oast cancer- I have only hateful words for the C word. I do not know very much about the chakra, but I do love your bracelet with your gorgeous beads! Your Triple strand bracelet is stunning!
Erin Siegel said…
I can SO relate to this, Sue. I have done some work with the chakras. I have heard that whichever colors you naturally gravitate towards, will indicate the chakras that require attention. For example, if you are constantly drawn to green, the 4th chakra or heart chakra may need work. This is our bodies and spirit telling us what we need. You can use color therapy to help open up the chakras that need healing. I have for a loooong time had problems speaking and struggle with expressing my thoughts and feelings both in written and spoken form, but especially speaking. What do you think my favorite colors are? Yep, you guessed it! Those turquoise/aqua colors!!! I have other colors that I adore, but if there is any colors I'm always captivated by time and time again, it is those ones. May we both find healing in that area this year!
They are both beautiful and definitely have a place in a focus on health. I can see the turquoise will be a wonderful reminder that you are oh so worth sharing those feelings and you will feel all the better. Wishing you continued and improving health
Jess Green said…
These are both lovely :)

Turquoise is one of my favourites. Buying the real stuff is expensive but it's really worth it! And I love the idea of your brightly coloured chakra bracelet, I would snap one of those up!

Here's to your health in 2013 ;)
Cindy said…
I am happy for you that you are in good health now, Sue. I can see how you chose the word that you did. your Chakra bracelets are beautiful - both of them.
TesoriTrovati said…
I am so glad to know that you are healthy and doing fine. My office mate a few years back had the same. I like your turquoise bracelet and I didn't know it was the throat chakra. I have been looking at the chakras lately but I only know the smallest info about it all. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day. Erin
Tracy Statler said…
Hi Sue. Both of your bracelets are wonderful. Your colored glass beads are so pretty and I am a big lover of turquoise and pearls together! I wish you luck in treating yourself well this year so you feel great. It's such a great thing to work toward! Thanks for participating in the challenge!

Wow! The beads you make are fantastic. I enjoyed browsing around your site to find your blog and awesome bracelets. Both came out great. I wish you continued good health and I'm glad you will focus on taking care of yourself.
Best- Lisa

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