Sunday, February 3, 2013

Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge

As you may know, over at Art Jewelry Elements we have a year-long earring challenge occuring! This is the second reveal for the challenge! Below you will find my entries!

These first ones are made with my silvered aqua terra beads, which were my bead special of the week last week.

This second pair is made with my little clear frosted heart beads, perfect for Valentine's day!  You can find both of these pairs of earrings in my SueBeads Jewelry shop on etsy!

Please check out Art Jewelry Elements were you can see everyone's link to their entries!


Patti Van said...

I received my order of your very special Aqua terra beads yesterday and all I can say is Holy Cow...these are stunners! Thanks for creating such beauties! You already know I am a SueBeads stalker! Love both of your earrings!

Kumi at Malie Kai Designs said...

The beads are gorgeous!

Rachel said...

I am so impressed with the hearts in that second pair! They are so perfect, I thought they were pressed glass at first--I am in awe! :)

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