Monday, January 21, 2013

Featured Item of the Week!

Silvered Aqua Terra

In order to get some traffic to my website - SueBeads - I'm offering a featured item of the week!  This feature will be on sale for an entire week, from Monday to Sunday.  Then the next Monday there will be a new Feature of the Week!  I'm hoping this will introduce you to my web site, and also make me update it more frequently with my made-to-order beads!  So, this week, the featured bead set is Silvered Aqua Terra!  It was $30, but this week it's $25!!!!  Please go check it out, and check out all the other beads I have to offer for made-to-order!

1 comment:

barmar said...

This is really very pretty but I am unsure as to how it would be used. Would it hang from a chain as a pendant?

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