Friday, November 30, 2012

Challenge of Color Blog Hop

Erin Prais-Hintz, that wonderful woman, hosts quarterly challenges and November is the month for the Challege of Color!  I was lucky enough to be included in the hop, and I chose Algerian Abstract out of the two palettes she sent me.   The palettes came from the US Geological Service from their LandSat Project:
 "Our Earth as Art: A Landsat Perspective" is a collection of spectacular satellite images acquired by the Landsat 7 satellite.  These remarkable portraits of earth were selected for their aesthetic value. The color enhanced satellite images show astonishing patterns and abstractions of vivid colors and fantastic shapes. The collection was originally developed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Landsat program -- the United States' oldest land-surface observation satellite system that captures remotely sensed images of the earth's land surface and surrounding coastal regions. A series of satellites have been launched since 1972, with Landsat 5 and 7 currently in orbit. Landsat is a dual-agency program between NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey."

Here is how the US Geological Service describes this picture:

"What look like pale yellow paint streaks slashing through a mosaic of mottled colors are ridges of wind-blown sand that make up Erg Iguidi, an area of ever-shifting sand dunes extending from Algeria into Mauritania in northwestern Africa. Erg Iguidi is one of several Saharan ergs, or sand seas, where individual dunes often surpass 500 meters-nearly a third of a mile-in both width and height"

You can actually buy a print of your picture, I think that's pretty cool!  Algeria and Mauritania are areas I know very little about - they are considered an Arab Mahgreb country in West Africa.  They are mostly desert with great dunes, as mentioned above.

While the colorful culture of Western Africa is an inspiration, I decided to go with the color palette of the photo.  I immediately thought of the earthy colors of glass I have on hand, and decided I would make a long necklace and use sterling to connect the beads.  I also used liver-of-sulpher to patina the silver after the piece was completed.   Here's a photo of the piece before everyone took a bath in the liver-of-sulpher and tumbled in the tumbler.

Here's the finished piece:

I made my own ribbed barrel beads in the colors of the palette, and lined them up in the order of the palette as well.
 I made dozens of wrapped links!

It's a very long necklace - it measures 32"!

I'm pretty happy with it.  I could be happier, I think, if I had a better color of brown.  This "brown" is really cinnamon, and it reacts in the flame and in the kiln, so it's not quite a consistent color.  Also, I made some of my own wire wrapped links, but you can't see them very well.  I should have made more - I like them!

Thank you Erin, for all the work you put into this challenge, and all of the other ones you host!  I know this is a tough job, and you do it so well!

Here's a list of all the other participants - please take a look at what they made with their palettes.

Erin Prais-Hintz
Rebecca Anderson
Kris Auderer
Chrizette Bayman
Lori Bowring Michaud
Courtney Breul
Lynsey Brooks
Stephanie Buss
Iveth Caruso
Shannon Chomanczuk
Lisa Cone
Cece Cormier
Lori Dorrington
Dawn Doucette
Jeannie Dukic
Kim Dworak
Beth Emery
Janice Everett
Pam Farren
Donetta Farrington
Gloria Ferrer
Cherrie Fick
Therese Frank
Patty Gasparino
Tanya Goodwin
Ambra Gostoli
Jess Green
Denielle Hagerman
Mary Harding
Karla Hartzog
Kim Hora
Brandi Hussey
Emanda Johnson
Jennifer Justman
Sue Kennedy
Ema Kilroy
Lee Koopman
Linda Landig
Kirsi Luostarinen
Cynthia Machata
Alicia Marinache
Beth McCord
Mary K McGraw
Karen Mitchell
Cheri Mitchell-Reed
Aimee Moisa
Karla Morgan
Penny Neville
Becky Pancake
Kashmira Patel
Alice Peterson
Kayla Potega
Debbie Price
Bobbie Rafferty
Caron Reid
Nicole Rennell
Cynthia Riggs
Andrea Ross
Sally Russick
Annie Scherz
Pam Sears
Renetha Stanziano
Sandra Stein
Kristen Stevens
Tracy Stillman (had to bow out due to a wrist injury)
Sherri Stokey
Lola Survillo
Kay Thomerson
Jo Tinley
Emma Todd
Cory Tompkins
Pam Traub
Melissa Trudinger
Michelle Tucker
Shelley Graham Turner
Monique Urquhart
Rachel Van-Walsk
Patti Vanderbloemen
Lesley Watt
Lynn White
Joan Williams

AJE Component of the Month with Lesley Watt!

Over at Art Jewelry Elements, we have a Component of the Month Challenge each month. The members of AJE can play along, and a few people are selected from comments!  This month, Lesley Watt  is the host of the CoM challenge!  She has the most wonderful things in her Thea Too shop, you really do need to check it out.  I have several items of hers that I have not used because, well, I'm a bead hoarder just like you!

This is the focal she sent us - a beautiful bronze snowflake!  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with it.  Since I wanted to add a bail, and it would be permanent, I did not want to be hasty.  I used E6000 and glued the bail on!  There, that wasn't so hard, was it? 

This is not exactly the color scheme I had in mind.  Nor the amount of strands I wanted to use.  I was thinking of an earth-toned color scheme, and it was going to be a six-strand necklace all with small seed beads.  However, this month being the shortest month in history (ha ha, I know not really, but that's what it feels like) I did not have time to make that happen.  After I left the doctors office (having waited an HOUR for my daughter to see the doctor) I jetted to JoAnn Fabric because I knew knew knew they had to have a better selection of seed beads than my local Michaels.  Wrong.  They had a worse selection, if you can believe it.  I did not have time to run to a small bead store, and as beggars can't be choosers, I went with what I could find from what I had at home!  Yes, Keirstan Giles should be proud!  I purchased this mixed bead set (from China, I know, I'm cringing even as I type it) and used bronze colored seeds and purple colored seeds that I had on hand.

While it's not what was in my head when I set out to make it, I do like it.  It's long, as is the style right now.  I do like the colors, but I may eventually take it apart and complete my dream!  Thank you Lesley for sending us such a great piece to work with.  You can see what every else made by following the links below:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

7,000 Bracelets Blog Hop Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the 7000 bracelets blog hop - I know it's a very busy time of year!  I didn't get to everyone's blog on Sunday because I had a migraine over the weekend!  I just finished hopping, and if I missed commenting on your blog, please let me know!  It was not intentional!  I just got new glasses (bifocals - yuck!) and am trying to get used to using the computer with the glasses on!

Thanks again everyone!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

7000 Bracelets Blog Hop!

Today is the day for the 7000 Bracelets Blog Hop! Back in October I posted about a call for more Blue Bracelets!  You can read that intial post here!   In essence, Lisa James of Global Genes Project was in need of some more blue bracelets to give their families who have a member with a rare genetic disease!  I decided it would be fun to do a little blog hop, to get them some exposure and donations!

Here are the bracelets I made.

I made the closures adjustable, with chain, because the wrist size of the recipient is not known.  I had fun making them and I hope they have fun receiving them!

Here's a link to their donation page if you feel you can donate a blue bracelet for the cause!

Global Genes Bracelet Donation Page!

And here's a list of all the participants!  Please stop by their blogs and give them a little love and support!  And THANK YOU to all who participated! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Shop the finest Component and Jewelry Designers For the 2012 Holiday Season
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Open House

Check out Art Jewelry Elements blog tomorrow for all day posts, fun information and giveaways as well as a special holiday coupon code you can use in all the Art Jewelry Elements contributors' stores!  And Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Sale!!!!

Shop the finest Component and Jewelry Designers For the 2012 Holiday Season
Many of our artists have published work & sell their beautiful pieces nationally and internationally.

Fabulous Handmade Component and Jewelry Pieces.
The largest Artisan shopping event
for Cyber Week...Ever!! 

It starts this Friday, Nov. 23rd thru Friday Nov 30th.
All participating jewelry designers will be offering a discount on their stores &
will be promoting a giveaway.  
Winners will be chosen individually by the blog owners.

I will be offering 20% off in my SueBeads etsy store!
For event wide discount code use: AWHOLIDAY

My giveaway is this gorgeous set of Cameo Beads in Plum worth $25!  

We will be hiding
Three Exciting Giveaways 
throughout our participants blogs.  
When you find them, follow the directions to be entered! 
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Friday, November 16, 2012

More Customer Work!

Sandra, from PetaloAzul, made these gorgeous earrings with my lampwork beads!  She made those ovals out of PMC, aren't they beautiful????  She is having a sale right now, too!  Check out her store, and give her some love!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter Earrings

Here's a cute little earring project using my white shimmer beads and some very easy to find components!  I used snowflake charms I had on hand, but you can easily use any wintery-holiday charms you have.  I used two rounded square beads, two pretty bead caps, and one of my shimmer beads for each earring - one eye pin each and you're in business!  This is a great little project to use up some beads you have on hand!  You can find shimmer beads in many colors in my SueBeads etsy store, or you can request a color as well!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ears To You!

Thanks to Amy of Copper Diem, I heard about the organization Ears to You!  They provide earrings to woman who are undergoing cancer treatments, to make them feel a little bit better!  I missed her blog hop, because as you know I just can't keep up with all this social media, so I decided to just show you what I donated on Saturday.  I am actually donating 93 pairs of earrings!  This collage is just a sample.  I had so many earrings from shows I used to do before I made my own beads.  Now I like to use my own beads when possible when making jewelry to sell, so I thought this would be a good place to donate them!  I hope you check out their web site, here's their donation page if you'd like to make a donation!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Leafy Earrings and Grand Opening!

I've listed some new enameled leaf charms in my SueBeads etsy store, and thought I would show you what I made with a pair of them!  They are made with czech red druks, and orange lucite rounds and brass components.  This is just one idea of what you can do with these enameled leaves! 

These earrings are now listed in my new SueBeadsJewelry etsy store!  Please stop by and like me!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Beads of Courage Charm Swap Reveal and Auction!

 Jennifer Cameron, of Glass Addictions, has been putting together a charm swap for a number of years.  As with last year, this year the charm swap is going to benefit Beads of Courage.  Beads of Courage is an organization that provides, through donations, beads to children who are going through life threatening illnesses.  They string their beads on a necklace for every treatment they receive, and sadly, survive.  Sometimes a child just does not survive their illness and the parent will receive a special bead to commemorate the child's life.  I have donated beads in the past, and am working on another donation right now.  I enjoy participating in Jen's swap, and there will be an auction on ebay - all the charms you see will be auctioned in groups and all proceeds will go to Beads of Courage.  Below are photos of the charms I made.  The theme was LAUGH.  I thought some goofy charms were in order, hope they make you laugh!

 This is a collage of the charms I received!  I really love Lori's Smiling mouth!  See below for participants!

Lori Greenberg, Bead Nerd.  Chris and Stephanie Haussler, Pixybug Designs.  Susan Kennedy, SueBeads.  Natalie, Grubbi.  Marsha Neal, Marsha Neal Studio. Alicia Marinache, All the Pretty Things.  Renetha Stanziano, Lamplight Crafts.  (Top right) Charlene Jacka, Clay Space.  Maureen Connolly, Mrs. Beadsley's Workshop.  Emma Todd, A Polymer Penchant.  

Please stop by the ebay auctions, as well, because the proceeds really go to a fantastic cause!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Here's a list of all the participants:

2012 Charm Participants:

Jennifer Cameron, Glass Addictions
Erin Prais-Hintz, Treasures Found
Kimberly Roberts, Bahama Dawn
Natalie McKenna, Grubbi
Ginger Bishop, lilmummy likes
Cindy Gimbrone, Lampwork Diva
Perri Jackson, Shaktipaj Designs
 Emma Todd, A Polymer Penchant
Linda Florian, Lily’s of the Valley Jewelry
Melissa Meman, Melissa Meman 
Leslie Schenkel, Twisted Chicken
Jeannie Dukic, Jeannie’s Blog
Kristi Bowman, Kristi Bowman Design
Shelley Graham Turner, Fabric of My Life
Inge von Roos, Inge’s Blog
Shelby Foxwell, Sundown Designs
Deb Kauzlarich,Flame, Color, Metal, Glass
Maureen Connolly, Mrs Beadsley’s Workshop
Charlie Jacka, Clay Space
Stephanie Haussler, Pixybug Designs
Cassi Paslick, Beads: Rolling Downhill
Shai Williams, Shaiha’s Ramblings
Lori Greenberg, Lori Greenberg Glass Bead Blog
Danielle Hagerman, Some Beads and Other Things
Robin Koza, Robin Koza
Lea Avroch, LA Jewelry Designs
Alicia Marinache, All the Pretty Things
Lynnea Bennett, Designs by Lynnea
Carolyn Chenault, Carolyn Chenault
Mallory Hoffman, For the Love of Beads
Marcy Lamberson, Studio Marcy
Toltec Jewels, Jewel School Friends
Shirley Moore, Beads and Bread
Jean Peters, Eclectic Avenue
Vanessa Gilkes, Culturezine
Shannon Hicks, Falling into the Sky
Susan Kennedy, Sue Beads
Kia Dallons, Kia Dallons Studio
Hannah Annear, Squintessential
Carol Watson, Carol Watson Art Glass
Alenka Obid, Pepita Handmade
Cheryl McCloud, One Thing Leads to Another
Marsha Neal, Marsha Neal Studio
Renetha Stanziano, Lamplight Crafts
Stacey Curry, Star-Hitched Wagon
Monique Urquhart, A Half-Baked Notion
Babette Cox, Babette Cox

Sunday, November 11, 2012

7000 Bracelets Blog Hop Info

Just wanted to do a little recap on the 7,000 Bracelets Blog Hop I am holding!  This is a blog hop for Global Genes - they donate blue awareness bracelets made by jewelry designers and artists just like you, to families with members who have chronic, life threatening diseases.  My original post is right here.

The reveal date is November 25th.  You need to make a blue bracelet, and it would be nice if it was adjustable since you don't know who is receiving your bracelet.  Please sign up on their donation page right here:

You do not have to wait until the reveal date to send in your bracelet(s).  You can do that at any time, the blog hop is just to show everyone what you made!  I will try and send out a list of everyone's links by this weekend, but it's going to take a little work so please be patient!  

If you still want to sign up, please do.  I will add links on my blog post on November 25th and then you can copy them on the day of the reveal if there are many late-comers.   

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beads of Courage Big Reveal and Auction

Stop back on Monday, November 12, for the Beads of Courage Charm Swap Reveal and links for the Beads of Courage Charm Swap Auctions happening on eBay!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Customer Work

It's been a while since I posted customer work, I feel bad because I've been pinning customer work and posting it on facebook too.  I seem to be overwhelmed with social media right now and my response has been to kind of hide my head in the sand from it.  I am slogging through some emails tonight, I literally have over 700 unread emails.  But that's not why I'm here!  This is what Janine, of Esfera Jewelry, on etsy, made with some of my enameled fluted bead caps!  I love the striking differences in color between the orchid and the white pearls.  If you have jewelry made with my components, please feel free to shoot me an email or convo and I will pin and hopefully blog about your gorgeousness!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday Disc Beads

I have some holiday disc beads in the SueBeads etsy store!  Let me know if you want some other colors, or want something different!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Flowers!

After I made some disc beads the other day, I made a few more flowers on my wonky mandrels!  These are fun to make.  I'm getting a little better - the all blue one I made first and think it's pretty good.  The others have flaws I don't like. 

I'll have a few more sets of disc beads available later, including some Christmas ones!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Play Date with Shelley

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Shelley Graham Turner, fun-loving polymer artist of Tori Sophia and of Fabric of My Life blog, and her super PDa (Play Date artist) challenge!  She sends the beads, and she uses the same beads, we both make something, and reveal them on the same day!  Today is my day to reveal what I made with her beads!  The polymer beads she sent me are from her "ethnic" line.

I set out to make several things from these beads, although it would have been easier for me to make a necklace out of them - LOL!  The first thing I made was this memory wire bracelet, from one of her red beads and the black seed beads she sent!

The second is this pair of mis-matched earrings.  Or my version of mis-matched, anyways.  I'm not really a mis-matched kind of girl, but since the polymer beads are not exactly the same, to me they are mis-matched!  They are made with some very thin linen cord, and it work out perfectly!  The cord fit the little wood half-moon beads great! 

Then I made this great key chain with one of the bigger beads!  It's made with waxed irish linen cord, and I used two of my own little black lampwork spacers.

SO, the last bead in the set stumped me.  I wanted to make a bangle bracelet with it, but the idea just was not coming out the way it was in my head.  That seems to happen a lot to me, anymore.  Hmmmm.  In any event, I decided I needed to make a necklace.  I was thinking about gunmetal, because copper just doesn't seem to go.  I was thinking long, as that seems to be the style right now - a long necklace with just a pendant. So here's what I came up with - a tassle of sorts, with the black seed beads, two half-moon beads and the polymer bead on a long gunmetal chain!  I like it - it will look great with a black sweater!  (Oh, and you should know I patinated a silver eye pin in liver of sulpher for this project and now my house smells LOVELY!)

I hope you enjoyed see what both Shelley and I made with her beads - please give her some beady love by visiting her etsy store where you can find these fantastic owls! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shimmer Beads

I'm going to be listing some of these very pretty shimmer beads tonight in the SueBeads etsy store!  Let me know if you have any other colors you might want!  I'll be glad to make them!

Art Elements Theme of the Month - Tidepools

It's time for another challenge, and this month Lesley picked tidepools as the theme for May!  I was all over it! I've been spending...