Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Orphan Strands for SALE!

Neutrals 1 Sold. Neutrals 2 Sold.Blue 2 Sold.

I have twelve orphan strands for sale - they are all first quality beads, but have been sitting in the bead box (and bead bag, and bead room, and on the table, etc!) for too long!  Plus, I need to pay for my sewer problem!  So I am offering them here for $30 a strand, free shipping!  I will send you a paypal invoice - just let me know what strands you would like!  Also, the second Blue should say Blue 2 and not Blue 3!  Just tell me Blue 2 and I'll know what you are talking about!  I can't fix the darn picture!


Marie Cramp said...

I would love Neutrals 1 please :) you can invoice me at skyejewels@live.com

Barb Fernald said...

I can't pass up your good deal and beautiful beads. I would like to get Neutrals 2 please!
Thanks, Sue. You know where to send the invoice!

Karen Gille said...

I would like Blue 2.
Thank you!

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