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Kristi Bowman's Copper End Cap Blog Hop

The beautiful Kristi Bowman of Kristi Bowman Design makes some of the most wonderful copper components. She announced a contest and picked several winners to receive a pair of copper end caps and make something from them for the blog hop. I sadly was not one of those people. However, she had extras, and if you wanted to purchase a set, you could join in as well. I wanted to, so I did! I love her work - I have lots of it.  She gets some really beautiful colors from her copper.  Below is the multi-strand necklace I made.  At first, I thought about earrings.  Obvious, to me - maybe too obvious, but I can see myself buying more of these to make some earrings!  Then I thought bracelet.  But I really really wanted the copper end caps to show, so I decided to make the necklace!  First, the things I like about it!
1.  The idea - I love the idea of connecting multi-strands with a looped wire and pulling it through the end cap so you can't see the way it's put together - it looks so finished.  There are 7 strands on this necklace.  2.  The end caps - they are so beautiful and I chose all the seed beads to pick up the colors in the end caps (the beads are not yellow, they are a goldish color, but are showing up yellow because of the lighting).   3.  The somewhat choker style - long enough that you can see the end caps, not too long to be annoying!

Things I don't like about it - 1.  Even though she gave us tons of time, I ended up doing this at the last minute because I had to order a lot of the beads and they took so long to get here, plus my house is a torn apart mess (although hopefully that will change next week!).  2.  The twisting - it just isn't working.  I need to figure out a way to twist it more, before you put it on, so that it stays twisted.  Does anyone know how to do this?  3.  I did not have time to LOS the copper I used to connect all the bead strands, or the jump rings or clasp (I did make the clasp and I like it).  I will have to take it apart to do that, but wanted to get this post done!  4.  The photos - taking photos at 9:00 on Friday night just doesn't work!  Not enough light.  5.  None of my beads are in the piece - I made two I wanted to put in, and the darned things turned two different colors in the kiln.  That's so annoying!

Please stop by and see what everyone else has made with their end caps - I can't wait to see!


Patti Van said…
Love your necklace! I had the same problem with the twisting on my, I hope someone provdes a solution! This is really a great job, Sue!
Carol said…
Those are some yummy end caps on a yummy necklace! Love it!
Hi Sue,
I love the necklace it is very pretty. I agree those caps are just too pretty to hide. I have the same problem with twisting strands they never stay twisted.
Kristi Bowman said…
Oh Sue that is so lovely, I adore the soft mix of beautiful colors you chose. Thank you so much for participating!
Love this !!! I just got myself the greatest gift! A $14.00 Ott- light bulb - I stuck it in a desk lamp and took my blog hop challenge pictures with it LAST NIGHT!!!! woooohoooo worth every penney as I no longer have to wait for daylight ever again!
Roberta said…
I do so love Kristi's work. Those end caps are wonderful.
Jean A. Wells said…
I love it. Your seed bead choices are amazing in the way they blend together so beautifully. I do think you are being a bit hard on it--you don't want to give it a Sounds like it will be easy enough to fix it up so that it is just what you wanted. Great job!
Alice said…
Ragardless of the things you didn't like, I think this piece is just beautiful!!! I love all the different colored beads you used. And in my opinion I like the twist just like it is. If you twist it any more it might not lay right, and I think it would make the piece lose that carefree summery feel.
Sandra said…
very pretty necklace, love the combo of beads.
Jennifer said…
Hi Sue! Your pictures are fine, I could see the colors very well, and I like the warm pinks and golds. Very much inspired by the color in the caps. It was hard for me to photograph the caps to their best advantage, too. I really like what you have done!
Sally Russick said…
Gorgeous!!! Sue the beads compliment Kristi's end caps beautifully!! So PRETTY!!!
Even though you are not totally thrilled with it, I love it. The colors are gorgeous, the end caps are perfect for a multi-strand necklace. For the LOS, so that you don't have to take it apart, can you just dip the clasp in and paint the solution on the other findings? As for the strands being more twisted, maybe weaving them loosely before connecting the second end would work. But I like it just the way it is!
CraftyHope said…
While I totally GET your concerns with the necklace, I still think the design itself is great. I'd love to hear the answer to the twisting dilemma as well. I've never been able to get s twist to stay in any of my designs.
Cilla said…
I love it! You did a great job. Almost everyone ( all?) made a bracelet. It is perfect
mairedodd said…
nice sue!
you can do your los with a qtip - then you don't have to completely disassemble... but still neutralize and wash off...
if i wanted to do the twisting and have it stay, i would probably get one end secured in the cone - then twist to where i liked it... put that end in the second cone and make sure my wire wrap around the exposed loop kept it snug...
the bead caps are really great...
Silver Parrot said…
I love what you made. My first thought when I saw the caps was earrings as well, so I'm glad you didn't go for the obvious :-) The color scheme you used is great, too. I really liked the selection of beads.

The only solution I've come across for getting the "twist" to stay is to crimp the final ends of the strands in the opposite order from the beginning ends...if that makes sense.
Barb Fernald said…
I really like the colors of the beads you used with this necklace. I think it works well to have the endcaps just where you have placed them in the necklace. Well done!
Anne said…
I can help you! If you send me your email address (mine is ) I'll send you my Torsade Necklace tutorial, which explains how to keep your multistrand necklaces twisted. That being said, I kinda like the way yours looks. :)

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