Friday, January 13, 2012

Raku Day!

Raku on 1. Red Roof Tile, 2. Sage, 3. Wasabi, 4. Egypt Blue

Raku on Sandstone

Raku on Wasabi

I was enjoyed the reaction between glass and raku frit the other day and decided to try some different colors! I really like them. You can find all these beads in the SueBeads etsy store!


Mellisa said...

Oh these are just FANTASTIC Sue!! Not sure whether I like sage or sandstone the best but wow :)

Melissa Meman said...

loving all these Raku beads! I'm trying to make up my mind which ones to get!

Marie Cramp said...

More pretties! I need to make some sales! I want beads! lol

pam ferrari said...

You got lots of blue's on the sandstone, Beautiful!!!

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