Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just about 3 weeks late or so, but finally...my "Copy Me" bracelet! Gaea, of Gaea's Ceramic Studio, had a little challenge and I was lucky enough to be one of the participants. Never mind that life has been getting in the way here recently...finally today I sat in bed and made the bracelet. Sat in bed to make it? Yes, I have been feeling rotten for a week now, and it was rainy and just a perfect time to sit in bed to do this!!!The ceramic beads are hers, and the idea was to take her bracelet and make it your own. Or not. Didn't matter to her! The ceramic beads are separated by burgundy miracle beads. Oh, all except one, if you didn't notice. I didn't until I took the photos. I'll have to go back and get that little fuschia bugger out of there and replace her with burgundy. Your time is limited, baby!
I used antiqued copper chain and brass - the combo is very rustic and that's my style, so I like it! There are two sections of chain leading up to the clasp.
The clasp is a simple Patina Queen clasp, and I made a little dangle out of a Patina Queen hammered head pin and another miracle bead - at least it's the correct color!

Thank you Gaea for sending me the ceramic beads, and your patience with me. It really has been a challenging few weeks for me - I am hoping it gets better.

*Yeah right Sue, with Christmas 6 weeks away*


Barbara Lewis said...

Beautiful piece, Sue! I really love aqua and the dark metal together ... It's something you can wear year round.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Susan! I hope life settles down for you soon-hope you are feeling ok too.

artybecca said...

I like the chains on that bracelet. Get better!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Great job, Sue! I like the contrast between the light and dark.

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