Thursday, March 30, 2017

Art Elements Theme Challenge - Amulet Bags

I had all kinds of high hopes to get some amulet bags done for this post, but I scheduled a trip away and there's just not enough time.  Cathy chose Amulet Bags as the theme and I know that all my teammates are going to have some amazing things to show.

So here's mine.  It's a Native American pattern, not sewn up yet.  I had purchased a pattern and kit but as of the day I left for my trip, the beads and kit weren't even mailed so, so much for that.

 Starting the loom with size 11 beads is extremely hard, at least for me.

 I finally got it going.

 The last row is also very hard...but I got it done (after about 10 times relooming the last row because of missing the warps).
And here it is.  I will sew it up into a very small amulet bag, add fringe, and it will be an appropriate size to wear as a necklace.  I do like it, looming 11s is hard but satisfying.  Check out what everyone else made!


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Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Wow! I love the fact that you wove it on a loom. I like loom weaving as long as someone else gets it all set up for me-LOL Fantastic job. Can't wait to see it finished.

Caroline said...

I love the pattern, it's looking fabulous so far!

Niky Sayers said...

It looks great so far and I love the in progress shots, the loom likes like fun to work with!

Lesley said...

That will be a super cute bag when it's finished.

Jenny said...

You conquered the loom - I have yet to do that! Well done - it looks lovely!

Karen Totten said...

It will be fun to see this all sewn up and finished. Love the colors!

Laney said...

Love those colours!!

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