Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Echo Creative Club with Jeannie Dukic

Last year, I was chosen to be part of the Echo Creative Club by Jeannie Dukic!  She sends us beads, we send her beads, and we each make something!  I chose beads from her faux stoneware collection, and of course neglected to take a photo of them when I got them!  Here's an example of a similar color to mine!  Mine are turquoise with copper accents.

 I was going to make a bracelet with them, but I really liked them and wanted a pair of earrings for myself to wear.  So, I decided to make three different styles of earrings!

This first uses a pair of leaf connectors from Kristi Bowman and indonesian glass seed beads.

 This second pair uses a pair of copper matchsticks that I made - annealed, pounded, textured, pickled, antiqued and sealed!  Lots of steps but I love the look! 

 And finally, my favorite pair; beaded beads that I made myself that go together perfectly with Jeannie's beads! 
I hope you enjoyed what I made with Jeannie's beads, and please go visit her blog to see what she made with mine!


Kristi Bowman said...

Even though I like them all very much and I always love seeing my copper components in use, my favorite are the last pair with your beaded beads!

Jeannie said...

Well, I guess we both forgot to take pictures of the beads. Great minds...
The earrings are very fabulous.
Thank you so much for joining me this year, it was a pleasure.

Kristen said...

I love all that you created with Jeannies beads!!!!

Silver Parrot said...

These all came out great!

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Love what you created with Jeannie's beads - love all of the earrings but love that last pair!

Louise said...

Sue, I love them all, I think my fave is the pair with Kristi's copper leaves.

maryharding said...

Great earrings Sue. Love that shade of blue and how you have enhanced it with in each pair of earrings.


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