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AJE Component of the Month Reveal!

This month was my turn to provide the Art Jewelry Elements blog followers and designers with the Component of the Month.  If you may recall, this is what we're working with this month - my lampwork ruffle discs!

This turned into a very real challenge for me.  I may have mentioned I am working a lot lately, to help my boyfriend get this very large job finished up.  I have not worked outside of my home for quite a while, so it's a challenge for me to get everything done and do the whole jewelry/bead gig as well.  I had other ideas, but they did not pan out.  I probably redid this bracelet 4 times, but here's the final result!

I actually pilfered from another bracelet to finish this one.  I made it with freshwater pearls and turquoise tubes, with silver seed beads as accents.

I used the ruffle disc as the clasp, the back I somehow finagled to make work!  I'm sure there are some kind of tutorials out there to show how to make a clasp out of a one-hole bead, but couldn't possibly take the time to look before I had to make this!  I still have too much to do!  If anyone knows of some tutorials, please post them in comments!

I hope you enjoyed my bracelet.  Here's a list of the other participants - you can also check out the Art Jewelry Elements blog for a list as well!

Guest Bloggers

Lorelei Eurto
Birgitta Lejonklou
Heidi Post
Lola Surwillo
Kay Thomerson

AJE Team

Jennifer Cameron
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Susan Kennedy
Linda Landig
Melissa Meman
Rebekah Payne
Jo Tinley
Lesley Watt


Beautiful Sue!! I love seeing what everybody created with your beautiful pieces!!
Heidi Post said…
Interesting to see how the artist uses her own creation :) I love this - very playfully elegant? Thanks for hosting this month - I had great fun playing along, even with the inconvenient kitty napping ;)
Angel Whisperer said…
Hi Sue,
and THANK YOU for the pretty bead You sent!
This bracelet is very pretty and a great summer feel to it!
jessememan said…
Sue, thanks for making such beautiful ruffles! I loved playing with mine. I love the bracelet, and these beads are perfect for that kind of clasp! I may have to come get a couple more ;)
Lola said…
Beautiful bracelet Sue! I love that your ruffle disc works as a clasp and a focal ... it's not just beautiful -- it's hardworking too! =)

Thank you so much for the opportunity to enjoy another one of your little works of art! It was delightful!
I love the design! The stones are perfect for that bead. AS for a tut for the clasp, I can't think of one offhand, but I'm sure there is one...but I love how you did this one.
KayzKreationz said…
This is very pretty. Even though you didn't have much time you did a great job. The simplicity of it really makes the disc shine. I know I've seen a tut on how to make a clasp with a one whole bead/button, but it's probably saved on my laptop at home. If I find it I'll let you know. Nice job. And thanks so much for letting me play along. I love your beads.
baymoondesign said…
You were very generous to share your lovely beads. It is fascinating seeing all of the different pieces created. Yours is beautiful.
Rebekah said…
Haha! you sound like me! I love reading tutorials, but surprisingly, I rarely ever go looking for them during a project… I'm always too engrossed in what I'm making (plus I have a rebellious streak that makes me want to do it myself ;-) I just dive in and "make" whatever idea I have in mind happen… sometimes by force! Love your bracelet! And thank you again for sharing your gorgeous ruffled beads with us!
Linda said…
Sue- Your ruffle bead makes a gorgeous bracelet focal! It would be like wearing a wrist corsage! :)
Thank you for sharing these beads with us. They are soooo pretty!
Jenny said…
I love the ruffle bead as the bracelet focal, and as always your colors are great together!
Jenny said…
I love the ruffle bead as the bracelet focal, and as always your colors are great together!
LOVE your lamp work riffle discs! I hear you with trying to juggle everything.

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