Friday, March 1, 2013

Challenge of Music

Today is the reveal for Erin Prais-Hintz' Challenge of Music.  The challenge this year was music with no words, or instrumental.  I chose Holst "The Planets".

I have always loved music, mostly contemporary, although my dad and I would play a game in the car where I would have to name the music that was playing and of course, he wasn't playing Led Zeppelin!  But I did gain an appreciation for all sorts of music.  TV shows of the 70's like Lawrence Welk (we watched this with my grandmother all the time!!!) or Hee Haw (yep, even Hee Haw had music!) allowed me to learn about different music.  It wasn't until I took a college course in Classical Music (we called it Clap for Credit) that I gained a real appreciation for instrumental, classical music.

In this class we learned about Gustav Holst and "The Planets."  This 7-movement piece was written between 1914-1916 and each movement is about one of the planets in the solar system - not including Earth, and not including Pluto, which wasn't discovered at the time he wrote the piece.  This suite was written about Astrology, though, and not Astronomy.  Each movement conveys the meaning according to Holst of the astrological influence of the planets on the psyche.  If you listen to the suite, you can clearly understand the meanings he tries to convey!  You can hear "The Planets" here.  (Warning, it's long but very good).  My necklace is based on the whole of the suite.

I created these beads to mimic the solar system.  I learned the technique from Michael Barley via Corina Tettinger.  I stink at encasing beads, so the first set I made did not work out!  I actually had to quickly make this second set to get this necklace done in time!!!!  Also, I had the flu all week so that didn't help at all.  I thought of making it more complicated, but the music is complicated enough on it's own as are the lampwork beads.  I felt that adding more would clutter up the necklace and wanted you to just hear the music!  I used gunmetal chain, to represent the dark, vast sky.  I used gorgeous metallic blue swarovski crystals to offset the beads I made. 

Here's a list of everyone who is participating in the hop today - please stop by and see what they made!
Erin Prais-Hintz
Alenka Obid
Ali McCarthy
Alicia Marinache
Amy Severino
Amy Grass
Carolyn Lawson
Cece Cormier
Cynthia Riggs
Ema Kilroy
Emanda Johnson
Emma Todd
Erin Kenny
Evelyn Shelby
Evie and Beth McCord
Gerd Andersson
Holly Westfall
Jennifer Justman
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Jess Green
Judy Campbell
Karla Morgan
Kay Thomerson
Kristina Johansson
Lola Surwillo
Lynn White
Malin de Koning
Mallory Hoffman
Mary K McGraw
Melissa Meman
Melissa Trudinger
Michelle Escano
Michelle Bourbonniere
Michelle Heim
Michelle Mach
Molly Alexander
Molly Schaller
Monique Urquhart
Niky Sayers
Pam Farren
Rebecca Anderson
Sally Russick
Sharon Palac
Sharon Driscoll
Susan Kennedy
Tari Kahrs
Tracy Stillman
Veralynne Malone


Kristi Bowman said...

Those beads are to die for Sue, just gorgeous!!

Cynthia said...

Your beads are stunning, and really do look like a solar system, or the Milky Way! Beautiful!

Maneki said...

Very pretty necklace! I can see the influence of the music in the colours and patterns of the beads. A piece of outer space captured in glass. In the music, and the necklace, there's both drama and harmony.

I've never listened to the whole suite, just a couple of the planets. Maybe I should?

Monique said...

Your beads are beautiful and they look so wonderful lined up in "orbit", Sue. I love your choice of music; I lost my cassette (that's how old it was LOL) of this suite years ago and listening again today brought back memories. I think Holst was a visionary who successfully straddled the classical and the modern musical genres. Thanks for sharing your artistic interpretation!

Amy said...

Oh yes! I love these beads with these crystals - I think it's a great show of your inspiration! what a pretty necklace!

rosebud101 said...

Sue, I love your piece!!!! The beads do look like planets!!! I love the use of gunmetal chain, too!!!

Michelle Mach said...

I like simple necklaces. Each one of your beads is like its own little galaxy. And "Clap for Credit" made me laugh!

Designed by Vera said...

Love the beads! I can "see the planets" in them. Great Job!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Hi Sue - I can't believe I'm the first person to comment. I love the beads and they look like they are full of interesting colors and striations to enjoy. A great representation of the planets and a great jewelry piece.

A Polymer Penchant said...

I confess I sampled only. Very handy that they include the time where the movements change. It sure is quite the piece, it would be fun to sit down with and see what I would make while listening. These beads you've made are just gorgeous and have such a planetary fell set against the blackness. Beautiful!

EmandaJ said...

Hi Susan, I am a HUGE fan of Holst's Planets! The Jupiter movement is my favorite because it uses the hymn tune Thanxted -- very regal, English, and beautiful. I am a sucker for lampwork beads too -- lovely little universes encased in glass. I am glad you didn't fussy it up -- perfect balance!

Molly Alexander said...

Beautiful necklace Sue. I love the simplicity of the design with the intricate beads, blending beautifully with the music. Great job!

:) Molly

Jennifer said...

Dang woman! Those beads are a-maz-ing!!! They are planets, they are peacocks, they are stunning. And I agree - they are perfect as the focal. They dont need any distractions!

kmorgan said...

Your beads are gorgeous! They really depict the music well, like little planets. I wasn't familiar with this music, so thank you!

AliMc said...

Those beads are stunning! I struggle with encasing too, nice to know I'm not the only one :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Clap for Credit! I thought I was the only one that had a course like that in college! It was where I gained my appreciation for classical music, especially Mozart. I love music that paints a picture in my mind and this has that sweeping vista quality that allows me to see the vastness of space, the coldness, the light and the dark. Your beads are PERFECT representations of this music. They each look like little worlds unto themselves. I am very happy that you were able to join me in this Challenge! Thank you for sharing this music and your beautiful art with the world! Enjoy the day. Erin

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