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Colors of Spring Blog Hop

Today is the big reveal for Sally Russick's Colors of Spring Blog Hop! We picked a color palette and purchased a small set of her ceramic-enameled beads and created jewelry around that palette. I chose the Pantone Color of the Year Tangerine Tango! I don't usually work with tangerine, but love it with blue - especially turquoise blue! It would have been really nice if I would have taken a photo of the beads together before I separated them, but I didn't. Oh well.I picked up these very very funky-shaped turquoise wannabe beads from Dakota Stones - they aren't real turquoise, at least I think not given the price, but they sure look like it and are gorgeous! After I made the necklace, I thought I probably should have separated the beads with small 3mm sterling rounds, but didn't want to tear the necklace up. Keep that thought in mind, as there will be a test at the end of this post! Of course, the tangerine lentil is the one that Sally enameled, using Marla James' porcelain beads.

Included in the set were these lime green barrels. They had earrings written all over them. I paired them with greek ceramic beads in fun spring colors, and I think I really like these earrings!
Finally, these lime green rounds were included as well. These were paired with greek ceramic gears and very small carnelian rounds. The colors look great together, even if they don't on the screen!

Here's the test - you can WIN this pair of earrings if you post a comment and answer the question - should I tear up the necklace and separate the beads with little sterling rounds, or leave it like it is?

I'll put all the names of commenters in a hat and pick the winner on Tuesday April 3rd! You can also check out everyone else who participated by visiting them on the links below!

Host: Sally Russick
Therese Frank
Kim Bender
JLynn Jewels
Christine Altmiller
Sweet Lilac
Cherrie Fick
Jenny Vidberg
Sabine Dittrich
Hope Smitherman
Solar Power
Nicole Rennell
Erin Fickert-Rowland
Bell Flower
Patti Vanderbloemen
Kristi Bowman
Shannon Chomanczuk
Elisabeth Auld
Alice Peterson
Donna Bradley
Sodalite Blue
Kristi Harrison
Cilla Watkins
Tangerine Tango
Lesley Watt
Maryanne Gross
Susan Kennedy *YOU ARE HERE*
Courtney White Breul


Shyme said…
Lovely necklace and earrings!! I understand your dilemma about the necklace, it is lovely the way it are an it is not fun to redo something just finished. Having said that I think that having something like silver round between the beads would make them pop even more./J
kimmykats said…
I really like the colorful pieces you have the green and purple earrings. I will put it this me turquoise and silver are right up these with peanutbutter and jelly! You are ready for all the fun fashions this summer.
Lesley said…
Wow - you made your beads go along way Sue. I love the necklace - it has a kind of retro feel and I think it would work either way or, maybe even with silver beads just between the lentil and the other beads to emphasise it a little.
First of all...YES.. The blue with the tangerine is stunnng! Love both sets of earrings, too! But, since you gave me a choice...I would resting it with spacers.....sorry... :(
Alice said…
Your pieces are all wonderful! I love the bright, cheery colors, especially in the earrings. And I love how you used the focal offset in the necklace.

As for the necklace, I would only use spacers if the necklace does not lay comfortably on the neck. Otherwise it's fine this way.
Courtney Breul said…
I love the off set lentil on the necklace! The turquoise and tangerine rock together! What a great summer piece.

As much as you are going to hate this, I would try the silver spacers and see how it looks.
Hi Sue, Your necklace is beautiful and I do like how the orange goes with the turquoise beads. The earrings are very pretty I love that color of green.
To answer your question, yes I think you should take it apart and add the silver spacers it would give it that finishing touch.
Unknown said…
I like it as it is, but think the silver beads would give it more...

Love the earrings!
Lorelei Eurto said…
yes I think I would do that. it needs some sparkle. :)
Maryanne said…
I love what you did with your Tangerine Tango bead. I think I would like the necklace with the silver. The earrings are fantastic. I thought about using the long beads for earrings but I wanted to incorporate one into the clasp, so I did that instead.
Sandi Volpe said…
Hi Sue,

Love the color combo and it looks great the way it is.

I think I would experiment with a bracelet design before I tore apart the necklace and I think knotted cord might look good too.
Mary Harding said…
I love the necklace--do not tear it up. All your pieces are bright and focus on colors which I love. Great work, all of them.
WOW! The earrings are fantastic and bright and fun! As for the necklace, I really love it as is. Before I even read your post, my first reaction was how the turq just poured in and out of the orange. And it is a great, slightly unexpected look. I would have put in a small bead on either end to transition. But this works even better. It becomes all about feeling the colors and less about thinking about the design...if that makes sense.
I love the necklace, but I think that if you added sterling silver spacer it would take the necklace to the next level!!(Don't throw beads at me, you asked for an honest opinion) I'm in love with those barrel style earrings. There is just something so eye catching about them! They are the perfect mix of colors!!

THANK YOU so much for participating Sue!! When are we going to see a kit challenge from you using your lovely beads! I would buy a kit immediately!!! Just saying... planting a definitely want to throw beads at me now!! :)
I love the color combo of the necklace but if you want to make it really special spacer beads and something accenting the lentil however my most simple pieces always sell first :-) Also keeps the cost down
CraftyHope said…
The colors in all three of your pieces really work well together. I like the simplicity of your necklace. . just the two shades together, but I do think that a little seperation of the 'turquoise' beads would highlight the shape as well as not make the curve of the necklace look so irregular. But, that's just my two cents.
Anyway, wonderful work overall!
Cindy said…
Sue, what a beautiful set - both the necklace and the earrings. I think the necklace is stunning the way it is, but as painful as it would be, I think the spacers would really elevate the entire design. I can just see it and think it would look even more beautiful with the addition.
Donna Bradley said…
Love the colors you chose for these pieces. The blue with the tangerine is perfect!
Elysian Studios said…
I love all of your pieces-especially the necklace! I vote "NO"- don't tear up the necklace- I love the simple, clean design- it's very modern! Your focus is on that focal, the contrasting colors of the orange and turquoise, and the contrasting shapes/textures of the beads- I think adding spacers will just add distraction- but that is just my opinion! It's really all beautiful work!
Love the earrings. The stacked beads are great together. The necklace is elegant just as it is.
Love your colors in the bead set and your fun designs! I think my favorites are your stacked earrings though - they would feel fantastic on giving off a lot of energy :) ~JLynn
Alice said…
Ok I commented on this post earlier, but at that moment our internet went down.

I love the bright colors of those earrings, and the placement of Sally's focal is great!

I would put spacers on the necklace ONLY if it didn't sit comfortably on the neck.
elisabeth said…
great pieces! I love the turquoise and orange!
Carolyn said…
I like the color combination of the necklace and do not believe it needs spacers. I would leave it as is.

Roxanne Mendoza said…
Hi! New reader here! It looks just fine as it is...but if you feel like its not done than I would agree with Lesley above and use silver to highlight the orange bead. Or, you could do both by adding your 3mm small beads throughout and highlight the orange bead as well with a larger silver spacer(s).Just go with what you feel and the look you want to achieve. Great job with all the pieces! :)
Beautiful job. And, I vote for the restring. I think you'll find the spacers remove some of the stiffness and allow the design more "flow," if you will. Plus, oh heck, yeah, fun colors!
Yes, Sue, I think I would restring it with the silver beads (or maybe 3 or 4 mm turquoise rouds if you had them). I think it helps so that you don't see the stringing material. Great pieces, definitely springy!
Cilla said…
I love the retro necklace the way it is. With the silver it may look a little more dressy. I agree our earrings are similar. Love the blue and orange combo!
Kim said…
I love everything you made, and the colors are so bright and happy! And yes I do think you should restring the necklace with the silver spacers. It is very pretty the way it is, but the silver would make it even better.

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