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Bar Update

Today my sweetie worked on the bar more, and here's a photo of what he did. Also, I ordered some fused glass knobs from Joan Rosen at Uneek Glass Fusions. These are granite glass aventurine green knobs with an oil rubbed bronze finish on the hardware (on the back, you can't see it anyways). The knobs came today and they look great! I can't wait until the bar is finished! It's going to be so awesome, I'm going to have to get new furniture!!!!!


Shirley said…
Oh, I"m so glad you posted new pics! Will he stain the grapes, or leave as a contrast? The glass knobs are the bomb!
stregata said…
Let me know when it is finished, I'll come over for a margarita...LOL.
SueBeads said…
Hi Shirley, yes they will be stained as well. Hi Renate, come on over!!!

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