Monday, December 6, 2010

A Great Sunday

On Sunday, me and Jason and our kids took in The Vatican Splendors Exhibit at the Heinz History Center in the Strip District. We had timed tickets, so we decided to do a few things first. We visited the exhibits in the museum and this stained glass window is part of the glass exhibit they still have there. It is so beautiful - you don't have to be religious to appreciate the simpleness of the lines and the feeling in this piece of glass. Or maybe I'm biased?This is George Washingtonsaurus. It was part of a campaign years ago where organizations purchased dinosaurs to decorate and the proceeds went to charity.
This is a mural out front of a costume store. I just thought it was kinda cool.
A mural in the history center that someone did of the City of Pittsburgh, it's very interesting to see the whole thing.
Finally, our kids hamming it up in the roller coaster car!

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