Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Secret of the Glass

I just finished reading this book, The Secret of the Glass, by Donna Russo Morin. This book would be of interest to lampworkers, or people who love glass. It's a historial fiction novel, which means that although there are some historical facts in there, the story itself is not true. It tells of the glassworkers in Murano, how they were treated by Italy (Rome in particular) and what they had to live through. The secret refers to the fact that they were not allowed to leave the country because they were the only people in the world at the time who knew how to make glass! While at some points it reads like a romance novel, which I am personally not into, it is a good book and gives a great historical perspective on glass!


vintagebluestudio said...

Ooooo I love historical fiction and I need something to read on the flight to Vegas next month. You just found me my airplane book! Thanks!

Gardanne said...

Thanks Sue, we were talking about this at the glass conference,and how the glass recipes were closely guarded secrets.

Pretty Things said...

That sounds fantastic -- I love historical fiction and lived in Venice for a while, too!