Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Pool - Trashed!

My pool got trashed, I had water in the basement and coming in windows, but we didn't get it nearly as bad as some people just down the hill from us. There are roads closed all over the place, there were funnel clouds and hail, it lasted forever! We never have storms like this! It was crazy. The pool was overflowing, there were little waterfalls coming from my neighbors' driveway, and all the pine bark mulch that is in my planting area is now in the pool; the filter somehow got clogged with mulch and it's going to take DAYS to get it swimmable again.

The mailman never took my mail yesterday so some people who are waiting for beads are going to have to wait another day...sorry. I'm going to run them down to the post office, I guess.


Kristin said...

Oh no! I hope that everything gets back in order quickly! Thinking good thoughts for you and your family! And everyone who was hit by these terrible storms!

stregata said...

Oh Sue, so sorry to hear of all the wreakage. It is so amazing how much damage water can do! Hope the storms are over and you can get back to normal!!

sharon said...

so sorry this has happened to you.
Thank God no one was hurt, but it's a terrible inconvenience......I'm sure you'll handle it well. Just try to remember it's only Stuff, and everything will fall into place!
It rains here everyday anymore but we haven't had anyhting like that!

Marie Cramp said...

I would come help you clean up if I could. What a mess! I hope nothing is too damaged. Good Luck


Katie said...

The most important thing is that you all made it out in one piece! I am glad to hear that you made it out in one piece...Clean up is never any fun, so I hope it isn't too hairy!

I'm Julia said...

Oh geez, no fun. Glad you're ok!

Silver Parrot said...

Living in So Cal as I do, one forgets how severe the weather can be in other places. We just catch on fire every fall or rock and roll occasionally. Hope no one was hurt and that the damage is undone quickly and painlessly!


Forgot to add my Inuit piece to the keep your sanity post, here it is!