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BLAH! or, February, Would You Finish Up Already So I Can Give These Beads Away?

Ok, I said it. I'm feeling blah. Sales are (WAY) down, I can't get warm again today, ideas are not flowing, and I'm sick of being in this house! February, be gone! I tried torching for a bit this morning, and even though I made some funky tab tic-tac shaped beads (new for me) I just wasn't feeling it, so the engineer and I went to Applebee's for lunch. And it's COLD outside! And blustery, and snowy, and just not nice! I need to get back in the zone... Speaking of which, since the blahs are really creeping in, I think a giveaway is in order! Tell me in a comment what you do to combat the February Blahs, and on February 28th (thankfully the last day of February and only 1 1/2 weeks away!) I will choose via random number dot org (a really cool fun little random number generator) a winner. This winner will receive a random assortment of beads which will include the beads in the picture plus a couple more just for fun! So go ahead, leave your comment (anyone in the world can play, but only one comment per person, please!)!


Anonymous said…
To battle the february blahs, I eat chocolate. It's horrible but wonderful at the same time. I sit with my box of valentine chocolates and eat 3 or 4 pieces in a row. Then the blues come back because my pants don't fit. Then I eat more chocolate. It's a vicious cycle!
Lorelei said…
Hi Sue!
I have the same February blues! I try to combat my blues two ways:
Using LOTS of color in my jewelry designs, which sometimes helps.
lately I've been going to Afternoon tea at a local bed and breakfast,with a few girlfriends. This has been really great this winter, something to look forward to and we always have a good laugh while there which brightens everyone's mood!
Nichola said…
I live in the South, so the cold doesn't affect me much. I also live close to New Orleans, so Mardi Gras takes away all of the blues. You should come to a parade one day!
Jen said…
Oh, what a great way to chase away the February blahs! To beat the blues, I planned a family vacation that we leave for on Saturday! Yay!!! I cannot wait!

Thanks for the chance!
Leslie said…
Hi Sue!

To combat the February blahs, I read, make jewelry, ORDER BEADS, and head to the gym as often as possible. Thankfully, February only has 28 days!
Saffie said…
Oh Sue I completely sympathisise I have just blogged about the very same thing!!! Not really sure what to suggest but just gotta ride out the storm! I should try not to be so hard on myself and set goals i may not be able to achieve. and chocolate.....
Here's to spring and warm sunny days!!!
Doreen said…
I like to look at designs in pretty spring colors like your beads! Also, whenever there is a bit of sun, I try to get outside for a walk.
Lisa said…
Well, when I had the February blahs in Ohio 7 years ago, I moved to Florida! Maybe you should come visit me :)

But when I feel uninspired and unmotivated, I think it is better to switch gears and not beat yourself up about it. I'll go for a run or go to a museum or something. Sometimes you just need a break...and I have to agree with Burgandy, chocolate helps!! and a glass of red wine...
noreen said…
I crochet little flowers and start planning my garden
Katherine said…
I clean my room in a bikini top and old jeans, with loud reggae music on.
Lilly said…
I try to read great books, listen to music or go to the movies.
peacockfairy said…
I try to plan something to look forward to each week - such as going out to lunch with a friend or going to a movie. When you take weeks as a whole, before you know it February is over!
ikkinlala said…
I put on some fast music and dance to it.
Miss Muffin said…
Oh, hard one. To battle the february blahs I would recommend the following - in any order -
-having hot chocolate and tea (or coffee)
-if you got the time choose a good book and cuddle up on the sofa
-enjoy a hopelessly romantic movie or just a real funny one, one that makes you laugh!
-buy a book (I don't like to get out of the house in this weather so I buy it on the internet and get it shipped :-) ) with great pictures and just look at it and enjoy!
-do some fun crafts, fun colours
-look at travel brochures - even better book your holidays for summer
-just do something that you like!
-bake a cake or cupcakes AND EAT them!!!! :-)

Hope some of it helps!
Kobey said…
Somehow I managed to avoid the Feb blahs this year. (Maybe I am still thinking I live in Texas - Feb was beautiful there.) There are some great ideas above - I would add to the list:
+ a splurge on strawberries (They are a summer food normally so I think warm weather)
+ a splurge on time - I am going out with my sister tonight. WooHoo! (with 5 little ones <5 between us this is tough)
+ a splurge on beads :)

Hang in There!
- Kobey
Desiree said…
I go for a walk in the sun if it ever comes out from behind the clouds! Thanks for the giveaway. mybabyappleseed(at)yahoo(dot)ca
karo said…
well, i guess february feels different here in the south of the world =P but when im blah i try to be with people who cheer me up and to do something i enjoy and i didnt do in a long while, like baking something different or playing the piano, wich i dont do anymore couse i dont have much time...

so, cheer up and tnx for the giveaway ;)

(please use this email and not the one in the id if is needed)
Stacie said…
To beat the February blues I read alot of books!
2ifbysea said…
Chocolate! Lots of chocolate...That's what I've been using to beat the February blues. That and shopping for great handmade beads on Etsy.
pam ferrari said…
I love february. The 28th is my birthday so the blahs are in March for me after celerbrating hard with friends and family. So to combat the blues I take long walks with my dog. Go on a diet again. Enjoy and be creative.
What a fitting post! I also have the February blahs. I'm so tired of the snow and cold. So what did I do...went shopping and bought some pretty beads from SueBeads!
What a fitting post! I have to say that I also have the February blahs or winter blues. I'm so tired of the cold and snow. So what do I do...went shopping and bought some pretty beads from SueBeads!
Estela said…
I put on my tropical music, throw on a bikini, grab a pina colada, and lay in the tub, pretending I'm in Hawaii!! Sue beats my winter blues!
Mary said…
Both Mom and Dad have Feb birthdays, so between making fun gifts and cards with my 2 toddlers to send to their grandparents, I haven't had much time to get the blahs. Will be happy when March comes-it's MY birthday, and I will be asking for beads!
k8lynr said…
i try to beat the feb. blahs by eating fruit. especially watermelon and strawberries. plus, crafting is up always makes me feel loads better.

great giveaway by the way.

jessicamae3 said…
To beat the february blues...I go outside! Well, after all it is florida and the time of year we can go out side without cooking like eggs in a fry pan! Get back with me in August...and tell me all the good ideas to beat the blahs!!!
I have totally just gotten into beading jewelry last month! My mothe ris an accomplished seed beeder...and I am def not going there! LOL
LOVe your beads and a chance to add to my very very small amount of beads would be thrilling!!!
jessicamae3 at yahoo dot com
munecita said…
I take showers. I love bath's but in february it is way too cold to soak for a long time, so I take showers and leave the hot water running on my body and melting my "blah's" away!!!

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