Friday, September 12, 2008


My mom and I took the kids to see Wicked last night. I had seen it before and was prepared for a boring night (because I didn't think it was all that) and my son has strep, so figured he'd want to go home early. Instead, it was pretty good; I think they must have changed it a bit because it seemed funnier. My son wanted to stay the whole time - unusual for a 10 year old who is sick. My mom loved it. My daughter has been wanting to go since it had been here two years ago and "everyone" in her class has seen it except her. So I'd say we had a successful night. Now I'm tired! I made some beadies today - more pics tomorrow, maybe - and since it's a lovely rainy day, I think a nap is in order!
If you don't know, there's a CIM glass rod color called Elphaba - pretty funny!

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Rocki said...

I haven't seen Wicked yet, but after reading this I think I would like to.

Nice 'seeing' you Sue!

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