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December Art Elements Theme Challenge - White

This month, the theme for the Art Elements Challenge was chosen by Claire and she chose "white". Perfect for winter and the holiday season! I had all these ideas (I wanted to at least get to a white glass cabochon) but I did get one of the ideas done.

For a long time I have been pondering making a garland for my tree or mantle with my lampwork sugar beads - you may know what these are, but if not, photo is below. Pretty much every lampworker makes them, and at one point I had a pile of them. However, lucky for me I was able to sell them so no more inventory! I still think some type of garland with sugar beads would be a lot of fun, and maybe I'll do that someday.

I remembered a free tutorial for superduo stars by Deb Roberti of Around the Beading Table. She has many free tutorials, and she also has some awesome tutorials for purchase! She's actually having a sale right now, too! I hope you visit her link, she's so generous for providing so many free tutorials!

Anyways, I made a pile of stars using three different combinations of white beads. This was fun, although I had to wait for some to arrive in the mail! I also got to use up some of the beads that I bought multiples of and wondered, why did I do that???? Do you do this too?

I made four of each color combination type, and then strung them up with size 8 beads in between! This was the fun part, seeing it come together!

I'm going to make this a year-long project, and see how far I can get with it. Right now, it's slightly shorter than 5 feet in length. Below is a photo I took to see what it would look like on my tree.

So, that's my project for December. Thanks Claire for the idea, it was a good one!

This is a blog hop, as usual, so I hope you visit and see what everyone else made! I also hope you had a wonderful holiday and have a Happy Healthy New Year!

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Art Elements Team


Cat said…
How funny!
A friend used that tutorial as well. I'm not good with tutorials, but thought I'd give it a try, but I have Twin beads that I wanted to use up and they didn't work as well as they are not as regular, so I gave up.

To make them into a garland like this, though, is a brilliant idea, so pretty!
Jill said…
Those stars are lovely, so delicate
Shirlee Fassell said…
Love your stars garland!
Divya N said…
The garland looks really fun and fabulous. It feel that it will used for for many years to come bringing with it joyful memories
Karin G said…
What a great idea to make your own beaded garland! Your stars are delicate, simple and so luminous!
Caroline said…
They're wonderful Sue! Look forward to hearing how far it grows!
Laney said…
Love that garland, hope you post updates throughout the year, I would love to see it grow :D
I love the idea of a whole year project (I can't wait to see it done for next year). I love that you can do seed beads - I love it but don't have the patience for it.
I love, love, love your star garland. What a great idea. I think sugar beads would also make a beautiful garland but these stars really stand out on the tree. Awesome job!
Linda said…
Oh gosh this is so lovely Sue! <3
CraftyHope said…
Oh, I love Love LOVE that star garland!! If you've already for almost 5 feet, I can only imagine how long it'll get by next year!! Wow. What a fun project to take into the new year with you. Here's hoping you have a wonderful 2019!
wow! I can't believe you made garland! The thought of beading something that long would stop me in my tracks .... but yours is awesome - those stars are so cute!
cserpentDesigns said…
What a great idea! Love the garland!
Lesley said…
What a beautiful garland have more patience than me!
baymoondesign said…
Your garland will be spectacular on your tree. Keep up the work! Thanks for pointing to the tutorials.
Anita said…
I love the idea of stringing the stars into a garland, Sue. Yours look quite beautiful!
Tammy Adams said…
Yes, I have more than a few times bought multiples of a thing, usually because I lose track of the first one and then find it as soon as I buy another. I have a huge collection of glass pearls for that reason. I hope I one day find a use for them that is as gorgeous as your beaded star garland. Beautiful work.
I think that's a great year-long project. That way, you can keep the Holiday Decoration idea going all year. Heck, you could use the garland with hearts / eggs / anything patriotic / birthdays... anything ... Just Brilliant! Alysen
Jenny said…
Ooh! Thankfully I placed my bead order before hopping or it would have been lots bigger! These star are fabulous and look amazing on your tree!
I love the idea of a star garland (and yes - I definitely order more of the same thing sometimes - like - oh, I don't have that one... oh, wait - yes I do - oops. Oh well, I'll use it...). :)
bairozan said…
You've found a good use for those stars - a garland you could always add more to and it makes for a pretty decoration! I, too, sometimes get inspired by a tutorial and make things that I later wonder how to use. Eventually, I do :)
Sarajo Wentling said…
Better late than never on the hopping... I'll do better this month. :) I love the garland you're working on... it's lovely!!

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