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September Component of the Month - Zombee with Laney Mead

This month it was Laney's turn to provide the Component of the Month, and she made these cute little Zombees!  I did not take a photo of mine before I made something, if I did you would probably drop dead at this point!

Here's my little zombee creation all done up with a cool effect from PicMonkey.  Are you aware that you now have to pay for PicMonkey - a yearly subscription.  I paid my dues because I use this program a lot and don't have time to learn another free one. 

 So here's my creation - a bookmark.  Yep.  Lame.  I did not have a good enough idea until it was too late to do anything about it, and I wanted to make something, anything.  So I made this bookmark.  The zombee is trying to get the fall flowers. 

My real idea at this point is to make a glass cabochon that looks like a pumpkin, bead bezel it, and make it into a cute necklace, with the zombee being part of the strap - I was going to a strap in some sort of beading pattern, maybe chenille stitch.  And add some halloweeney beads along the chain.  The main program is I don't even have any other halloweeney beads so, this might take a while!

Please check out what everyone else made!


Team - Lesley  Watt  -  Jennifer Cameron  - Jenny Davis-Reazor - Caroline Dewison Cathy Spiey Mendola


Niky Sayers said…
Your bookmark is not lame at all, I think it is charming and now I want to make book marks!!!
Laney said…
My first idea was to do a bookmark so no yours is not lame ;) I love it, but then I LOVE books and beads so for me this is a winning combination :D
elisabeth said…
It's great Sue - something to run through your fingers as you are reading. And you big idea necklace sounds cool too :-)
He looks very sweet on your book marker! I love it!
Caroline said…
What a sweet design, I don't think it's lame at all... he looks fabulous!
Lesley said…
It's not lame at all - it's a great way to use pretty beads and see them often.
I think it's darling! And I'm always losing bookmarks...this one would be difficult to lose.
Perfect bookmark! I would love to have one like this. I never even ugh about doing something like this but it's perfect for Laney's zom-bee.
Jenny said…
Well, he is pretty adorable on that bookmark and looks content to wait a while if you are still inspired later!
Linda A. said…
How brilliant to do a bookmark! I'd have never thought of that! Not lame at.all.
Saraccino said…
He looks adorable at the bookmark! And I don't know if you really should change it. Often the everyday objects, that are really used in daily life, are the ones that are the most precious ones. :)
Lindsay said…
Such a nice showcase for your zombee! I love that you incorporated the cathedral cut flowers...I had some pulled out for mine too but could NOT make them work for me. Lovely!

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