Thursday, September 29, 2016

AJE Theme Challenge - Trees

I really didn't have a lot of creative time this month as I had a bunch of concrete work done at my house and, I don't know about you, but I can't get a thing done when people are working at my house.  The noise and dust really precluded me from making beads as it wrecked my concentration.  So I wasn't going to have anything for this month's challenge until I remembered this morning I made a tree bead in the JC Herrell class I took two summers ago!  So here it is!

I do have ideas for making more tree beads but so far, haven't done it.  I'm late to the party!

Here are the other participants please take a look at what they created!  It was a fun challenge for many people!

AJE Team


Kathy Lindemer said...

What a pretty bead! I love the colors you used. It is stunning.

Bijoux Gems Joy said...

That tree bead is wonderful. I think it's one of the best glass versions I've seen. I sure hope you do keep making more

Laney said...

I hate having my day disrupted by any different noises! That tree bead is lovely :)

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