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April AJE Component of the Month - Jenny Davies-Reazor

This month, Jenny Davies-Reazor provided us with amulets for the Component of the Month Challenge!  Yep, forgot to take a photo of the one I got before I used it, but here's what she made!

Here's the one I received.  Notice the bottom of the amulet - so awesome!

I chose the stone Angelite to go with the amulet I received.  I've always been attracted to this stone and have a small hoard of it.  Little did I know that Angelite really speaks to me!  Here's why:

Angelite is associated with the Throat Chakra.  It so happens that I am a thyroid cancer survivor.  Angelite is also a stone for creative people!  Angelite helps the wearer raise conscious awareness and promotes peace.  You can see more about Angelite on Caryl Haxwoth's page - very interesting!

So here's what I made.  I chose to keep it simple on purpose.  I was going to try and fashion some sort of "lid" for the amulet out of a silver disc, or go to Michaels and get a cork, but chose to leave it open.  I used simple silver chain, as well, because I just think the amulet and the angelite are pretty good the way they are!

I hope you enjoyed my necklace!  Stop by and see what everyone else made with one of Jenny's Amulets!

Alison of Alison Adorns

AJE Team: 


Lesley said…
YOur design looks great SUe - it has a very serene feel to it which aligns with the positive chakras.
Kathy Lindemer said…
Sue, I love silver and blue together so you know I love your necklace. Well done!
Diana P. said…
Love how that stone worked perfectly with the amulet you got AND the meaning behind it! Beautiful work Sue!
Caroline said…
That's a really pretty design Sue, I love the Angelite... I hadn't heard of it until now, off to read your link :)
Ann Schroeder said…
I don't think I'd ever heard of angelite, so I'm glad to know about it now. It's beautiful. More and more, I'm making simple designs so the beads I love can shine. You did that perfectly here with the gorgeous amulet and perfectly coordinated beads.
Lindsay said…
Aw, I love the hidden flower on the bottom of the amulet! Such a nice touch! I wear a kyanite pendant for the same reason as you chose the angelite. The stone works so well with your amulet too!
Windbent said…
I like that you left it open so all that peace and awareness can cycle around you through your throat chakra.
craftyd said…
Beautiful necklace, love the cute flower on the bottom of it too.

WOW I love the colors of your vessel! and the Angelite is perfect! I have never heard of it, and I love all things blue, I will be searching for some now! My favorite part of your design is the silver that you used. It is the perfect metal for this color scheme and your perfect wire wrapping shows it off nicely!
Jess Green said…
The angelite is a perfect match :) the bottom of the amulets are so well done - an extra special little detail!
Nice! The stones are perfect for the amulet!
Niky Sayers said…
I love that the bottom is a little secret just for you, and oh my how beautiful is that Angelite! I have never heard of it before and the colour could not be more perfect! A really beautiful necklace Sue.
Kristen Stevens said…
I had never heard of angelite but it is perfect! I bet this wears stunningly!
Jenny said…
Its perfect as is - you have created a personal amulet honoring your affinity with the stone and a part of your personal journey. Wow. Things happen for a reason. Thank you Sue. Wear it well!
Heather said…
I love the angelite and the calm simplicity of your design. Oddly enough, when my daughter Elayne and my hubby were in BeadFX in Toronto 2 years ago, they both (unknown to each other) fell in love with angelite and he bought her a strand, not realizing she did too....out of their huge inventory of gemstones. It is a perfect colour for her!! And your lovely design has given me an idea regarding a lovely gemstone I bought in Portugal...yay!!
gloria allen said…
I too hoard, I mean save some Angelite. It was the perfect choice for this necklace, it is beautiful.
Shaiha said…
That is beautiful! I haven't ran across Angelite before but I love that color.

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