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AJE Component of the Month - Linda Landig

Not even gonna say it - here we go with Linda's Component of the Month!  Linda is really getting into the clay and she made these awesome fall pendants. You can find her shop here.

I chose the ochre one with the red leaf because I love those colors together!  I had many ideas but after I took Heather Powers' class at Allegory Gallery, I knew I had to make some small oak leaves!  You'll get to see an overview of the class on October 5 over at AJE.

Here are my leaves roughly cut out. Yep, rough!  But they do get better.  You can see their progression here!

This final photo is after they were filed, textured, filed, antiqued, and finally tumbled for a few hours.

How I'm going to use them.  But what beads?  I knew I had to wire wrap at least part of it, because of the leaves, so I went to my bin of beads and found these - they go perfectly!

I'm assuming they really meant they were ruby zoisite.  And I know they didn't cost that much either, so don't worry!

And here's my final necklace!  I'm pretty pleased.  It may look better with more varied beads, but for right now, I'm keeping it.  Unless you want it!

Please check out what everyone else made, and thank you Linda, for the great fall pendant!!!!


Kathy Lindemer said…
Great job on the leaves and necklace! Perfect piece for the fall.
Lesley said…
Lovely design Sue - your accent beads are the perfect pick and you copper leaves are lovely.
Alice said…
Beautiful. I love the copper leaves
Bijoux Gems Joy said…
Very lovely Sue. I was wondering how you were using those handcrafted metal leaves. Now I know and they look great!
Caroline said…
Beautiful design! I love the leaves!
Lindsay said…
Very cool Sue! I love that you went a completely different direction than you normally do. Any thoughts on enameling leaves like that in the future? I bet they would be awesome!
Kristi Bowman said…
I've never seen Ruby Ziosite quite like that, they sure are pretty though and they look great with the rest of your necklace! Very pretty!
craftyd said…
Loved your leaves right away and the whole necklace is awesome.
Niky Sayers said…
I love the in progress photos and your leaves turned out fantastic! Such a lovely design and the beads go perfectly!
aims said…
You've really nailed a great design with this one. Your leaves are perfect for this gorgeous pendant!!
Jenny said…
Ooh the patina copper color is so rich! I like the shape of the leaf echoing Linda's pendant, but the muted color of the copper really adds a great visual dimension to the necklace. You did a great job with the leaves!
Linda said…
I love your necklace Susan. Those leaves must have been the dickens to cut out, but they turned out wonderfully and really make your necklace special!
Ann Schroeder said…
Yet another great necklace with Linda's pendant. Everyone is really picking great fall elements, and I love your leaves and that you used a new technique.
CraftyHope said…
First off, thank you for taking us on your process as you transformed those leaves. It reminds me to keep at it because even something that starts out rough can turn into a real work of art as you have done. As for your necklace, it's lovely!

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