Thursday, July 31, 2014

AJE July Component of the Month - Francesca Watson

Today is the day for another reveal for the AJE Component of the Month!  This month, Francesca Watson provided us with her wonderful dichroic glass cabochons.  She gave us the choice of having them in cabochon form, or drilled.  Here are the very tempting choices she gave us!

I chose the blue cabochon on to top second to the right.  I decided to keep mine a cabochon. 

 It is really hard to photogragh all the gorgeous dichroic colors that are in this cabochon.  My first idea was for me to do a beaded bezel with it.  Between visiting my 92 year old grandfather in Florida for a week, and a quick little getaway to Baltimore with my boyfriend, and Bead Fest prep, it just did not happen.
My second idea, then, was put a bail on this cab, and do a beaded necklace.  Not too fancy, just a wire wrapped one with my own lampwork beads as accents.  That did not happen either.  I wasn't at all happy with that idea, and just about gave up.  It just wasn't going to do the cab justice.

 Finally I got the brainstorm to do a kumihimo necklace and I am very very happy I did!  I think it matches the cab really well and doesn't take away from it either. 

Nothing like last minute for me!  Thank you, Francesca, for providing us with the beautiful glass cabs and also for your patience in waiting for me to get this done!!!!  Please check out what our guests and other members made with Francesca's cabs too!

Guest Designers

Carol Briody -

The AJE Team
Caroline Dewison -
Susan Kennedy -
Melissa Meman -
Jenny Davies-Reazor -
Francesca Watson - OUR HOST -


Caroline said...

I love the texture of kumihimo with different cords... yours is perfect, the colours echo the cab beautifully!

Carol Briody said...

Kumihimo to the rescue! I love how so many colors of fibers can be used in one braid to compliment/highlight the array found within Francesca's cabochon. A great idea to show-off the focal! Lovely, Sue!

Francesca Watson said...

Sue, I love the kumihimo, and astonished that you were able to match the cab colors like that! Wow! It looks seamless and perfect with this cab - thank you!!

CraftyHope said...

Nicely done! The kumihimo matches the cab so well and really lets the beauty of the glass shine through.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Very pretty Sue! and your Kumihimo matches perfectly

Jennifer said...

The colors are perfect and bring out the variety in the glass! I think simple is great to let the glass sing!

Becky Pancake said...

Hi Sue, Kumihimo was a great choice to show off Francesca's beautiful cabochon. It picks up the colors but doesn't compete with the focal.

Kristen said...

I love the kumi rope with it!!! Awesomeness!!!!

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