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AJE Component of the Month - Rebekah Payne

This month, it was Rebekah's turn (Tree Wings Studio) to provide the Component of the Month!  I was excited about this because I almost immediately knew what I wanted to use with the bead I received. 

 I chose this olive green one with white and copper dots!  Look at the texture on the side of the bead - I really nee to know how she did this - it looks like stretched taffy! 

 I had purchased these chunky pearls at a bead show here in Pittsburgh a few months back, and I was so glad I did!  They go perfectly with the bead Rebekah sent me!  I also used two copper lantern beads I had left from a Bead Soup a while ago. 

 I did NOT, however, have the perfect clasp to go with it, and while I want to make one, I decided to look on etsy and see if I could purchase one.

I found this great toggle clasp from hummingbirdsupply on etsy and this it goes perfectly, with the dots on the clasp.  The only thing that might not work is if it's too antiqued, which I can change, of course, or just go ahead and antique my copper beads.  Can't wait to get it and finish this bracelet - it's a keeper!
Please check out all the other participants in this month's Component of the Month Challenge!

Guest Designers:
Ann - Bead Love
Melissa - Bead Recipes

AJE Team:
Kristen - My Bead Journey
Susan - Sue Beads
Rebekah - Tree Wings Studio
Caroline - BlueberriBeads


Lesley said…
Great design Sue - those pearls really highlight the decoration on Rebekah's bead and that clasp willbe the perfect finishing touch.
Anonymous said…
Love this bead combined with pearls, looks fantastic! I think that clasp will work really well with the design too.
Karin Slaton said…
Definitely a keeper! Wow - how the coppery reds intensify that gorgeous olive green. And those pearls - LOVE!!
Karin G said…
What a great idea to use pearls to complement Rebekah's bead! Lovely bracelet!
Unknown said…
You are right those pearls do go perfectly!!! I love your bracelet and I do hope the toggle is perfect to finish it off!
Caroline said…
The pearls look perfect with Rebekah's focal, and the clasp is gorgeous. It will be stunning when it's complete!
Karen Totten said…
Very pretty. Love how the pearls accent the white dots of the speckle bead.
Barb Fernald said…
Ditto what everyone is saying. Pearls are a great choice to go with that cool bead!
Jenny said…
I think we had the same bead palette - and went in such different directions! The pearls make the bead sing out loud and proud! Coolio!
Ann Schroeder said…
Fun and lovely bracelet. I love that side shot of the speckle bead so everyone can see the mushy loveliness of it! The pearls are great with it.
Diana P. said…
Nice work Sue! I look forward to seeing the finished piece with the clasp.
lunedreams said…
I like the simplicity of this bracelet--those big pearls are perfect with Rebekah's focal!
Rebekah said…
What a gorgeous bracelet Sue! I love the how each element flows together seamlessly with the speckle bead—each one complements and highlights the tiny dots perfectly! I really think the clasp you found will be just right for it. Thank you so much for playing along!

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