Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gum Drops!

Hi everyone - new beads in the etsy store - Gum Drops! They are really cute - as you can see, they look just like gum drops! Don't give them to small children, though! You could make a cute holiday bracelet out of the set, or order more for a necklace or lots of earrings to sell at your craft fair! Speaking of which, a reminder that I will be taking all my inventory to a craft fair at the beginning of December, so please purchase what you want from the etsy store inventory in November. This also includes all the scrabble tiles.

BTW, I have been getting several special city requests from people for the scrabble tile maps. I really have fun doing these - they would be fantastic stocking stuffers! Let me know if you want one in a particular city. I also have lots from places all over the world! I'll be putting some up soon, but they will go to the craft fair as well.


Stephanie said...

Oh those are super cute!!!I love gum drops! My daughter need s a bracelet like that for christmas... though she might try to eat it lol

SueBeads said...

Thanks so much Stephanie! I don't think they'd taste too good!

Rocki said...

Oh my goodness! These are absolutely adorable Sue! They DO look like gum drops!!

(if you build it, they will come... hmm?)

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